Helping and Giving Urban Poor a New Life
Posted on: February 8, 2017, by : mannaministry

Davao city is a home for 1.5 million inhabitants and the largest city in the Philippines. With its economic boom and urban landscape expansion, many people from neighboring places are migrating to the city for work and other opportunities. Unfortunately, more and more people are adding to thousands of urban poor and ending up living in slum areas.

The Urban poor suffered in a hard life without clean water, proper sewage system, access to education and health care and other services. Children from urban poor families are usually left unattended at home while the parents are working. They usually became street children and are exposed to crime, violence and exploitation.

We can do ways in order to help the urban poor through rendering various kinds of support. Since one of the main causes of the proliferation of street children is the abandonment of their families, people can create a program for families that will provide assistance in taking care of their children. Some local and non-profit organizations often work with the local or city government help families in taking good care of their children. These assistances that you may give include educational, nutritional and health support as well counseling and guidance for parents in raising their children.

The main goal of the program is to make the families self-sufficient and self-reliant so that there can be a better home for children. Special programs include:

• Essential medical treatment and giving training to the local community.
• Running a day-care center that is specially designed for parents who undergo training or working where professionals are in charge of their children’s welfare and well-being.
• For orphans or children who are abandoned, the community, volunteers and organization and the local government can build a program to create a new environment of families that can give security, respect and love for these unfortunate children.
• The local community can initiate activities for these abandoned children and orphans to help them grow normally in a healthy environment that will make them better and productive people in the future.
• Volunteers and organizations can offer and provide special support for these children based on their need from education to health needs such as vocational training and courses attend college education and get a job. The goal is to make them productive, independent and responsible individuals for the city and for every community.

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