Founder and Leader he served the Lord since 1999, first in Florida, USA with “Overcomers” a Christian twelve-step addiction recovery ministry.

He founded a ministry called “BROKEN WHEELS” which served men involved in disabling accidents. This compassion ministry provided Christian counseling, encouragement and transportation. He started three house churches in THAILAND as well as teaching ENGLISH AND CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES TO BUDDHIST MONKS, who attended Buddhist University in KHON KHEN, THAILAND. During the same period he led bible studies with Chinese teachers at HUA KHIEW WITTAYALAI SCHOOL.

MICHAEL founded Philippine MANNA TRUST IN NEWARK OHIO, with Pastor WARREN WAY retired founder of Christian fellowship church. PAUL KEENAN and Pastor TOM OLSON of St. John Luthern Church all of Newark.

The purpose of the trust was to create a ministry to serve poor children in Mindanao, Philippines. He has lived in Davao City, Philippines since 2013 serving his ministry.



Is the leader of Manna’s music ministry since 2014. He received the calling to use his music talent after recovering from a severe tuberculosis illness. His quiet but strong leadership inspires many each week. He is a happily married father of two small boys and in addition to work and music ministry he attends Law School.



Richard loves children and they love him! He and bong lead our ministry at the homeless boy’s shelter. He is happily married and his wife claims that she has two children and a husband who often seems like her third child when they are all together. His happy personality attracts the children wherever he goes. He served his nation and retired from the U.S NAVY and as God called him to serve he answered. A call many children are grateful for.


Genelyn loves to share the word of God through prayer, singing and working with children and patients. Her interest in helping patients has evolved into attending medical school. Being an Orphan at an early age caused her to draw closer to God as she serves in ministry and her work.



Jaz has a beautiful voice and warm personality making her a natural song leader that encourages others to sing along with her. She will be graduating from college soon with the degree in Information technology and she is an important part of the family.



As a percussion musician and bible student he is happily married and the proud papa of a baby boy.



 Hermz is a college math teacher who wanted to participate in the bible study and youth guidance programs. He came from the mountain and supports his mother and father while volunteering in all the adult and children programs. He is especially valuable in counseling patients from different tribes in their unique dialect.



He was Dean of the Mindanao Medical Foundation College and currently on the board of the Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF). He maintains a private practice and acts as medical adviser to Manna Ministries. His tireless efforts and numerous contributions helped change the life of many patients of Manna Ministry.



Devine is the college student volunteer who encourages children and young patients with her unique sensitivity to their needs.


Cece is a social worker who has the rare ability to communicate with many different tribal groups. She keeps in touch with patients and families during critical times. She has a beautiful voice in our music ministry. She is the mother of two children and is always smiling and ready to help.



Lemuel is the I.T and videography assistant. He has been with Manna since 2013, and help in so many ways. He helps to make it all work. He is single and a happy man.



Ivy and her sister in law Agnes started the effort to bring Manna Ministry to their neighborhood. She leads and guides many children each week and participates in the Davao City program. She is a psychology student and a wonderful natural counselor. She has three wonderful children.



 Agnes is loved by the children and most treat her like a beloved aunt, she knows how to help the children with encouragement using her laugh and smile to comfort them.



Jean is a niece of Agnes and Ivy and she was the oldest child at the beginning of the ministry. She is currently a college student who wants to be part of our next generation of leaders.


Bong is the ministry business manager serving many leadership roles. He and Richard Abbott lead our boy’s shelter ministry. He is happily married and enjoys time with his family. His career includes business ownership and corporate accounting for a British hospital in the Middle East.