Tebow-Cure Hospital- Davao City, Philippines

We provide indigenous children the support necessary to visit Tebow Cure Hospital for medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital birth defects related to plastic and reconstructive surgery and orthopedic medical specialties. Treatment is free at the hospital, however, Manna Ministries helps the parents or caregivers secure transportation and daily living expenses for as long as the patient is required to be hospitalized.

Southern Philippines Medical Center- Davao City, Philippines

S.P.M.C. is the largest government hospital in Mindanao with over 1,000 hospital beds. Surgery is free of charge, however the cost of diagnostic services, blood bank and pharmaceutical prescriptions are the responsibility of the patient.

Manna Ministries helps indigenous patients find sources of funds to bear these expenses. We also counsel and advise when requested.


Balay Dangpanan- Davao City, Philippines.

The name in Cebuano dialect means “house of Refuge” and it is the shelter for indigenous people who become patients at S.P.M.C.

Manna provides counseling and support for its patients and their caregivers. Many have never been out of their remote environment in the mountains and speak dialects that are unknown to most Filipinos.

Few have visited a large urban city or a hospital. It is a daunting time for a sick person to cope with these cultural disparities so Manna Ministries attempts to bridge the Gap and help the patients and parents find their way.

Additionally, Manna provides weekly Bible studies and church service. A meal is provided and free Cebuano or English language Bibles are given to about 60 to 100 patients and caregivers free of charge.


Balay Paginhawaan- Davao City, Philippines

Means “Home of Safety” in Cebuano Dialect, and it is a homeless shelter for “Street Boys.” The shelter is a project of the City of Davao in conjunction with the City police.

Manna Ministries provides refreshments, peanut butter sandwiches, free Bibles for weekly counseling and support times with the boys.