About Us

MANNA MINISTRY was founded in Mindanao Island, Philippines by two Filipino mothers and an American pastor. The mothers wanted a Sunday church for the children of their neighborhood, where they could receive a Sunday school learning environment, learn crafts and provide them with a hot meal each week.

Pastor MICHAEL THOMPSON moved to the Philippines to lead the ministry in 2013. He soon discovered the children were very poor and often hungry and plagued by tropical d      iseases and infections as well as motorcycle accidents.

As he visited the sick and injured little ones in the hospitals, it was clear that there was a need for a hospital ministry which included visitation, encouragement and helping the parents cope with securing medicines for the treatment of the children.

Before long a permanent church was added at BALAY DANGPANAN, house of relief, which is a shelter for indigenous people on the campus of Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC).  As many as 100 patients can be served there each week. It is a residential facility for those undergoing diagnosis, surgery recovery or cancer therapy. The patients are poor and although the facility charges no fees to the stay, it is still a hardship to secure food, medicine and treatments.

Over the years Manna Ministry has assumed a greater role in advising and counseling patients and their families. The Ministry provides food and medicine when donations are received.

Bible studies and church services are held each week and Cebuano dialect bibles are given free of charge to patients and their caregivers enrolled in the bible study. All members of Manna Ministry are volunteers and each one contributes around 10 to 20 hours to the program.

Since 2014 Manna is in partnership with the Davao city mayor’s office and the Department of Social Welfare Serving the needs of homeless boys at BALAY PAGINHAWAAN, Home of Refuge.

A partnership was formed in early 2015 with TEBOW- CURE HOSPITAL to provide referral services to the poorest indigenous mountain children in need of orthopedic or plastic surgery to correct congenital birth defects of serious trauma. MANNA helps the patient’s family secure lodging, transportation, financial and linguistic support.

Among MANNA volunteers are Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Psychologists, Policemen, Social workers and Christian professionals. The people served are the poorest of the poor; they are sick, homeless or live with loving families but are destitute.